Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Common Household Injuries during Winter

Over 250 people a day were hurt between November 1 and end of December in 2012 due to holiday accidents. Almost a third of these accidents involved victims falling off ladders. Many other victims injured their necks or backs.

It pays to know the common winter injuries so you will know what to avoid. Here are some of them:
  • You could break your wrist, hand, ankle, or other bone in the body if you fall off a ladder while trying to remove snow from a roof. It is also possible to tear a meniscus in the knee or dislocate a joint such as a shoulder or hip bone.
  • You could herniate a disc or strain a neck or back muscle while shoveling snow from the driveway or the sidewalk.
  • Planning to remove snow from your property quickly? This increased activity may lead to an impingement in the shoulder or acute tendinitis in the knee.

Household safety should always be a major consideration during the cold season. If you do end up with an injury during the winter, don’t allow the condition to worsen. Visit a reputable orthopedic center as soon as possible so a doctor can evaluate your injury and recommend the appropriate treatment.


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