Saturday, October 25, 2014

Denver Orthopedic Surgeons: Jones Fracture Diagnosis and Treatment

Surgery is one of the treatment options for Jones fracture. If you were to suffer this injury, it is important that the Denver orthopedic surgeon you consult knows the circumstances surrounding your injury. It is also important for the surgeon to know any current medical issues you may be suffering from, as well as any medications you might be taking. Assessment After confirming your medical situation, your doctor will do a careful examination of your foot injury. First, he or she will examine the extent of the injury, along with any related symptoms it may be causing. Your doctor will then evaluate if the blood supply to your foot is normal and if the nerves in that area are working optimally.


Julie Myers said...

There are so many athletes that experience injuries such as this. With all the activity they do, and the possible roughness of the sport, there are many opportunities for them to get hurt. It is good to hear that there are good orthopedic surgeons out there that are able to fix injuries such as this one. I think that it helps to increase the chance of the athletes to heal properly so they can continue to play their sport.

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