Friday, October 28, 2016

3 Reasons for a Hip Replacement

3 Reasons for a Hip ReplacementHip replacement surgery can be recommended when the underlying diseases that lead you to get the replacement cause a lot of pain. A previous fracture may be the cause of your the pain in your hip. You may also suffer from a type of arthritis that will cause pain over time and hinder movement. Following physical therapy, a hip replacement can improve your quality of life by far. Read more here :

3 Facts about Total Knee Replacement

3 Facts about Total Knee ReplacementA total knee replacement is a negatively viewed procedure that many claim will cause a lot of pain afterwards. However, physical therapy teaches how to reduce pain and speed up recovery. The patient should also stick to low-impact activities to reduce wear on the implant. A knee replacement does not have to be painful when recovery is done correctly.Read more here