Monday, September 23, 2013

Most Common Orthopedic Problems in Children

Pediatric orthopedics is a branch of orthopedics that deals with children's orthopedic issues. Orthopedic treatment in children is very different from that of adults, and there are some orthopedic conditions that usually occur in children.

Pigeon Toes
Pigeon toes is a condition wherein the child's toes are inward when he is walking. This is often connected to the child's position while in the womb of his mother. The condition is usually corrected by doctors through stretching exercises, special footwear, or physical therapy. In cases where there is a rigid deformity, it is treated with a cast.

Children who are born with clubfeet have short tendons on the inside and back of their feet. This results in the toes being pulled down and inwards. Orthopedic surgery is done to babies with clubfeet right after the baby is born. To correct the problem, the surgeon will manipulate the feet into its right position and will cast it weekly.

Toe Walking
Toe Walking is very common among children who are still learning to walk. However, when the children is already beyond 2 years old and is still toe walking, then it should be corrected by a pediatric orthopedic doctor. Continued toe walking is sometimes connected with cerebral palsy and other nervous system problems. It is sometimes treated by casting the calf and ankle for up to six weeks.


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