Monday, September 16, 2013

Fast Facts about Sports Injury and Medicine

Sports injury refers to a rather broad scope of conditions, with the common denominator that they are often sustained by people who were engaging in sporting activities. While many are caused by accidents, some are quite predictable, such as the dangers of sustaining muscle cramps on the field because you didn’t warm up before playing.

These common sporting injuries are the focus of many medical professionals in the relatively new branch of medicine called sports medicine. Medical practitioners like orthopedic doctors, therapists, and even dentists in this field work to ensure that athletes like you know exactly how to avoid injuries, as well as help you get better when you do get one.

Common sports injuries range from relatively minor conditions like sprains, muscle spasms, and joint pains, to more severe cases like torn ligaments, broken knees, and dislocations. There are also two classes of these injuries: acute, or those occurring suddenly in the middle of a game, and chronic, which happens over time, when you play constantly.

When the injury you're suffering goes to the point of severe swelling or extreme pain, or if you notice that something feels unstable (possibly a dislocated bone), get medical help immediately. However, anything much less than this could probably be cured by resting at home, nevertheless it's always a good idea to at least inform your doctor about it.


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