Thursday, April 14, 2016

Obesity and Orthopedics: Primary Interventions of Orthopedic Surgeons

Recent medical studies confirm that a definite link between obesity and orthopedic surgery exists. The said link reiterates that obese people tend to need orthopedic surgery more often because of the stress that their body weight puts on their joints, muscles, and bones. While they are identifiable candidates for this surgical intervention, many orthopedic surgeons in Denver and elsewhere request that obese patients have an ideal body weight prior to surgery. Orthopedic Surgery on Overweight Patients At first glance it may seem overly harsh to refuse a patient surgery simply because of his or her weight. After all, this person is in pain and cannot move properly because of compromised bone, joint, or muscle health. However, an orthopedic surgeon in Denver or other areas are limited on the amount of health services or treatment they can offer obese patients by healthcare insurers and by the recommended standards of their industry.


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